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Senior Scientist Resume

Desired Industry: Biotech SpiderID: 7811
Desired Job Location: Danbury, Connecticut Date Posted: 7/4/2006
Type of Position: Full-Time Permanent Availability Date: 07/01/2006
Desired Wage:
U.S. Work Authorization: Yes
Job Level: Experienced with over 2 years experience Willing to Travel: Yes, 25-50%
Highest Degree Attained: Doctoral Willing to Relocate: Yes

pursue the professional carrer in the area of biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry

Industrial Experience: Worked for two years in industry, in the area of natural drug discovery, strain improvement, process modification, scale up (from 20 L to 1KL and 50 KL reactor) for production of Echinocandin, Rifamycin and Lovastatin. Also worked on key enzymes Rifamycin oxidase, penicillin acylase, Lipase which are responsible for important biocatalysis of the drugs. Plant worked with, was following c-GMP, GLP, and had US-FDA approval. Supervised group of six people and was also effective in inter-departmental & cross functional activities, technology transfer, writing SOP, monthly reports, technical reports, & project proposals.
Postdoctoral Experience: Four and half year’s postdoctoral experience involving metabolic engineering for production of biofuel-ethanol, lactic acid using E.coli. Worked on enzyme structure- function relationship, using tools like cloning, over-expression, purification, site directed mutation, enzyme kinetics, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, 2-D gel analysis. Working on functional genomics aspects of metal recovery and metal resistance by using various tools of molecular biology, micro-array and proteomics.

PhD (Microbiology): Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), University of Mumbai, India. Research work involved application of different aspects of fermentation, biochemical engineering, process development, downstream processing, & scale up for biocatalysis of benzaldehyde to L-phenylacetylcarbinol (L-PAC) using yeast. (Oct.95-Oct. 99).
Research has resulted nine publications and also leads to develop interest by several industries for commercialization of process for Ephedrine production.
MS (Microbiology): Department of Life sciences, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon India. (June 92- May 94).

American Society for Microbiolgy

• Well acquainted with preparation of gene libraries, cloning of genes, sequencing, site-directed mutagenesis, over-expression, purification of recombinant enzymes, enzyme kinetics.
• Micro-array and proteomic analysis under different physiological conditions used ImaGene 5.5 for scanning and data analysis using GeneSite Light & ArrayStat.
• Isolation, identification of proteins, characterization of current and emerging technologies, proteomics, biotransformation and process improvement & development of commercial strains. .
• Designing of biotransformation processes at laboratory scale fermentor and scaling it up to pilot plant & production scale for pharmaceutical compounds.
• Hands on experience with the Chemap, New Brunswick & Sartorious fermenters, Bubble column reactors, Internal loop reactors, Ultracentrifuge, Ultrafiltration unit, Supercritical Fluid Extraction Unit, Microwave oven, ABI Prism 310 Genetic Analyzer, Bio-Rad Versa Doc Imaging system, ExPASY tools.
• Well acquainted with various analytical techniques including GLC, GC-MS, HPLC, Chiral HPLC, Polarimeter, HPTLC, UV, FT-IR and NMR, ELISA, CD spectro-polarimeter, MALDI-TOF, Mass Spectrophotometer.

Additional Information:
Postdoctoral Research Associate: Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University Lilly Hall of Life Sciences, West Lafayette, IN-47907. Also working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the project (Since Oct. 05).
Elucidating the molecular basis and regulation of Chromium (VI), resistance to metal toxicity using integrated biochemical, genomic and proteomic approaches.
Key achievements:
• Cloned, over expressed genes for DNA-binding response regulator as well as putative azoreductase, purification of proteins, and establishment their roles in regulation of Chromium (VI) reduction and resistance.
• Transcriptome and proteome analysis of the Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 under different physiological conditions.
Postdoctoral Fellow: Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Miami University, Hughes Laboratory, Oxford, Ohio, 45056 (Oct. 03 to Sept. 05).
Enzyme structure – function relationship
Key achievements:
• Developed structure–function model for pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase using bioinformatic approach, used tBLASTn method.
• Cloned gene proC gene, over expressed, purified recombinant enzyme, site-directed mutagenesis & chemical modifications of the enzyme to prove the model.
• Developed activity based Targeted Proteomic assay for detection of the enzyme on 2-D protein gels using Brucker reflex mass spectrometer in reflectron mode.
Postdoctoral Associate: Dept. Microbiology & Cell Sciences, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL-32611 (Sept 01-June 03).
Metabolic engineering of E.coli for fermentative production of lactic acid and ethanol.
Key achievements:
• Strain improvement of genetically engineered ethanolgenic E. coli to increase alcohol tolerance and ethanol production.
• Comparison of ethanol production patterns using different pentoses and hexoses.
• Cloning of sucrose utilization genes into genetically engineered E. coli for demonstrating production of lactic acid from molasses and sucrose in complex and minimal medium.
Executive R & D: Lupin Chemicals Ltd., INDIA (June00 -Sept.01)
Key responsibilities:
• Plan, carry out, supervise (group of six officers) involved in R & D activity.
• Evaluation and standardization of novel molecular biology, genetic engineering techniques for improving Rifamycin – B productivity in shake flask and lab scale fermentor.
• Characterization and identification of enzymes involved in antibiotic production and application of Rifamycin Oxidase for conversion of Rifamycin B to O, application of lipase for biotransformation of Lovastatin..
• Process modification to increase Rifamycin and Lovastatin yield at 50 KL capacity fermentor. Scale up of process from lab scale to pilot plant and production scale reactor.
• Preparation, modification, and authorization of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for different activities in R & D and pilot plant and to educate staff about GLP and GMP in the plant.
• Preparation of scientific reports, monthly reports of R&D activities. Submission of projects proposal for production novel products on commercial scale. Involved in the technology transfer and commercialization of lovastatin production.
Research Scientist: Nicholas Piramal India Ltd, Quest Institute of Life Sciences, Mumbai (Formerly Hoechst Research Center) (Nov. 99- June 00).
Key responsibilities:
• Process development for anti-fungal antibiotic through bench & pilot scale using new isolates.
• Trouble-shooting and optimization of industrial processes.
• Development of biochemical technologies and commercialization of proprietary biochemical technologies.
• Gathering scientific and technical literatures, submission of new projects, product and process technologies, compilation and evaluation of project technical reports and feasibility reports.
Research Publications:
A) Published -
1. 1-Pyrroline-5’-Carboxylate Reductase is an Evolutionarily Distant Member of the B-Hydroxyacid Dehydrogenase Enzyme Family V.B. Shukla and J.W. Hawes in Enzymology and Molecular Biology of Carbonyl Metabolism, Vol. 12, (Editor Henry Weiner) Purdue University Press (2005) ISBN 1-55753-384-9.
2. Production of D(-)-lactate from sucrose and molasses V.B. Shukla, S.Zhou, L.P. Yomano, K.T. Shanmugam, J.F. Preston and L.O. Ingram Biotechnol. Lett.(2004) 26 (9), 689-693.
3. Comparative studies on bioconversion of benzaldehyde to L-phenylacetylcarbinol (L-PAC) using calcium alginate- and barium alginate- immobilized cells of Torulospora delbrueckii V.B. Shukla and P.R. Kulkarni J.Chem.Technol. Biotechnol (2003) 78 (9), 949-951.
4. Biotransformation of benzaldehyde into L-phenylacetylcarbinol (L-PAC) by Torulaspora delbrueckii and conversion to ephedrine by microwave radiation V.B. Shukla, V. R. Madyar, B. M. Khadilkar & P. R. Kulkarni J.Chem.Technol. Biotechnol. (2002), 77 (2) 137-140.
5. Biotransformation of Benzaldehyde to L -Phenylacetylcarbinol (L-PAC) by Free Cells of Torulaspora delbrueckii in presence of Beta - Cyclodextrin V.B. Shukla and P.R. Kulkarni Brazilian Archives of Biol. Technol. (2002) 45 (3), 265-268.
6. Scale up of biotransformation process in stirred tank Reactor using dual impeller bioreactor V.B. Shukla, U. Parasu Veera, P.R. Kulkarni and A.B. Pandit. Biochem. Eng. J. (2001) 8 (1), 19-29.
7. Studies on fermentative production of squaline P. Bhattacharjee, V.B. Shukla, R.S. Singhal, and P. R. Kulkarni World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol (2001), 17, 811-816.
8. Process parameters and reusability of cell mass for production of L-Phenylacetylcarbinol (L-PAC) by free cells of Torulospora delbrueckii V.B. Shukla and P.R. Kulkarni World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol (2001) 17(3) 301-306.
9. Review: L-Phenyl Acetyl Carbinol (L-PAC): Biosynthesis and Industrial Applications V.B. Shukla, & P. R. Kulkarni World J Microbiol Biotechnol (2000) 16, 499 - 506.
10. Production of Allyl phenyl carbinol (APC) by biotransformation using Rhizopus arrhizus V.B. Shukla and P. R. Kulkarni Brazilian Archives of Biol. Technol. (2000) 43 (3), 249-252.
11. Downstream processing of biotransformation broth for recovery and purification of L-phenyl acetyl carbinol (L-PAC), V.B. Shukla and P.R. Kulkarni. J. Scien.Ind.Res. (1999), 58 (8), 591-593.
B) Manuscript under preparation –
1. A Structure Function Model for 1-Pyrroline-5’ Carboxylate Reductase V.B.Shukla, Johnson C.A. and Hawes J. W. Biochem. J.
2. Production of D(-) Lactate using Genetically Engineered Escherichia coli B, V.B.Shukla, Zhou S., Shanmugam K.T., Yomano L.P., Ingram L.O Applied Environ. Microbiol.
3. Rapid Evolution of Escherichia coli for Ethanol Tolerance V. B. Shukla, L. P. Yomano & L. O. Ingram Biotechno. Lett.

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