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Research Scientist Resume

Desired Industry: Biotech SpiderID: 57092
Desired Job Location: San Diego, California Date Posted: 1/17/2012
Type of Position: Full-Time Permanent Availability Date:
Desired Wage:
U.S. Work Authorization: Yes
Job Level: Experienced with over 2 years experience Willing to Travel:
Highest Degree Attained: Doctoral Willing to Relocate:

Experienced researcher in the areas of
molecular and cell biology, tissue
engineering, and analytical chemistry.
Advanced problem solving and
troubleshooting skills. Strong
engineering, programming, and
statistical/data analysis background.
Experience in biotechnology laboratory
management. Knowledge in DOE, GMP, GLP,
and FDA regulatory standards. Over 7
years of experience in the medical
device and drug delivery industries.

Biomaterials, tissue engineering, animal
models, cell culture (cell lines and
primary cultures), cellular
electrophysiology, fluorescent wide
field and confocal microscopy,
extraction and purification of proteins,
lipoproteins, lipids, and phospholipids,
DNA and RNA isolation and purification,
primer design, PCR analysis, restriction
profiling, gel electrophoresis, cloning,
mutagenesis, viral and plasmid
transfections, flow cytometry,
spectrophotometry, immunofluorescence,
immunohistochemistry, SDS-PAGE, Western
Blot, ELISA, HPLC, TLC, DSC,biochemical
assays for cellular and extracellular
matrix content, cross-linking, tissue
LabVIEW, ImageJ, ImagePro, SOFTmaxPro,
Empower, Minitab, Corel Draw, Adobe, and
Microsoft Office.


Medtronic Heart Valves (Santa Ana, CA)
Contractor-Consultant, R&D Scientist.
• Established and optimized new
diagnostic tests for pericardial and
vascular tissue including colorimetric,
and fluorimetric quantitative assessment
of collagen, elastin, soluble proteins,
lipids, phospholipids, GAGs, and
nucleotides content.
• Performed and optimized new
tissue modification techniques including
decellularization and cross-linking.
Conducted biochemical and immuno assays,
confocal imaging, DSC, and
biocompatibility tests.
• Designed and built a prototype
for novel soft tissue thickness
measurement system.
• Planned new laboratory layout,
performed lab maintenance, ordered
supplies and equipment.

3M Drug Delivery Systems (Minneapolis,
MN) 2010-
Contractor-Consultant, Analytical
• Provided technical expertise and
analytical support for Drug Delivery
Feasibility and Technical Development
• Performed and optimized
Immunoassays, ELISA and HPLC analysis
for pharmaceutical products, as well as
blood and tissue extracts using
SOFTmaxPro and Empower software.
• Performed method development and
validation for novel vaccine delivery
• Oversaw laboratory compliance
with GLP and GMP standards.

CRDM, Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
• Developed long lasting
spontaneously contracting primary
cardiac cell cultures for
electrophysiological and metabolic
studies, designed and optimized cellular
electrophysiological experiments (MEA
and ION OPTIX systems).
• Designed experimental techniques
for studying of cellular remodeling
triggered by changes in cellular
electrophysiological properties caused
by mutated exogenous ion channel
• Developed and optimized
techniques and protocols for primary
cardiac, intestinal, and endothelial
cell isolation and culturing, cardiac
and skeletal muscle tissue engineering,
site-directed mutagenesis, and
• Established and performed
immunofluorescent and
immunohistochemical assessment of cell
cultures and tissue sections by
fluorescent wide field and confocal
microscopy image processing.

Washington University (Saint Louis, MO)
Post-Doctoral Research Associate / Lab
• Received advanced ad-hoc
training in primary cardiac cell
culture, tissue engineering, and
electrophysiology in multidisciplinary
• Developed techniques and
performed isolation and long-term
culturing of mammalian and avian cardiac
cells and tissue preparations, optical
transmembrane voltage mapping, patch-
clamp, and other cell physiology assays.
• Performed confocal microscopy
imaging of cell cultures and tissue
• Developed the novel method of
targeted cell transfection – "gene-
printing" by confocal laser cell
membrane "optoporation".
• Trained students in advanced
laboratory practices including cell
culture, microscopy,
immunohistochemistry, Western blot.
• Performed general laboratory

Department of Molecular Cardiology,
Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)
Lead Research Technologist / Lab
• Isolated endothelial cells for
primary cell cultures, maintained
various cell lines.
• Performed DNA and RNA isolation
and purification, PCR analysis, site-
directed mutagenesis, restriction
profiling, gel electrophoresis.
• Conducted SDS-PAGE, Western
blot, ELISA, TLC, protein activity
• Participated in rodent genetic
model research, breeding and genotyping
of knock-out animals, tissue analysis by
histology and immunohistochemistry.
• Performed general laboratory
• Designed and maintained
laboratory web site.

Department of Cell Biology, Cleveland
Clinic (Cleveland, OH) 2001-
Research Technologist.
• Performed DNA isolation and
purification, PCR analysis, restriction
profiling, SDS-PAGE, gel electrophoresis
under native conditions, lipoprotein
assays, Western blot, ELISA,
chromatography, immunoprecipitation,
protein activity assays.
• Was responsible for the
maintenance of lab equipment
functionality; ordered lab supplies,
equipment, and reagents. Certified in
biohazard, chemical, and radiation

Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Washington University, St. Louis, MO.
Post-doctoral training in
Cardiac Cell Culture and
Russian Academy of Sciences.
Ph.D. in Applied Physics
(Biophysics/Biomedical Engineering).
Moscow Institute of Physics and
M.S. in Applied Physics
(Biophysics/Biomedical Engineering).

Additional Information:
Book chapters:
1. Alena V. Nikolskaya, Vladimir P.
Nikolski, and Igor R. Efimov.
Transfection of Cardiac Cells by Means
of Laser-Assisted Optoporation. In:
Popp, J. et al. (ed.): Handbook of
Biophotonics. Vol. 2: Photonics for
Health Care. WILEY-VCH, in press.
2. Alena Nikolskaya, Vinod Sharma,
Cell culture models and methods. In:
Cardiac Electrophysiology: A Primer for
Scientists, Engineeres, and Clinicians.
Editors: Daniel Sigg, Paul Iaizzo, Yong-
Fu Xiao, and Bin He. Springer, NY 2010.
1. Yong-Fu Xiao, Alena Nikolskaya,
Deborah A Jaye, Daniel C Sigg. Glucagon-
like peptide-1 enhances cardiac L-type
Ca2+ currents via activation of the
cAMP-dependent protein kinase A pathway.
Cardiovascular Diabetology 2011, 10:6
2. Nikolskaya A.V., Nikolski VP,
Efimov IR. Gene printer: Laser-scanning
targeted transfection of cultured
cardiac neonatal rat cells. Cell
Communication and Adhesion, 2006 Jul-
3. Xiaohong Qiu, Lepeng Zeng, Jon
Urban, Alena Nikolskaya, Sarah Audet.
Evaluation of Polymer-DNA Nanoparticles
for Gene Transfer to Cardiac Muscles.
13th Annual Meeting of American Society
of Gene Therapy, May 19-22, 2010,
Washington, DC, USA.
4. Yong-Fu Xiao, Alena Nikolskaya,
Eric S. Richardson, Paul A. Iaizzo. The
Use of Gut Interstitial Cells of Cajal
for Cardiac Conduction Repair. Heart
Rhythm 2010, Denver, Colorado, USA, May
12-15, 2010
5. Yong-Fu Xiao, Alena Nikolskaya,
Lepeng Zeng, Xiaohong Qiu, Deborah A.
Jaye, Vinod Sharma, Daniel C. Sigg.
Calcium Overload is Potentially the Main
Cause of Cardiomyocyte Death after
Heavily Infecting with Adv-hHCN4,
American College of Cardiology, 59h
Annual Scientific Session, March 14- 16,
2010, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
6. Yong-Fu Xiao, Alena Nikolskaya,
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Structural and Functional Connections
among Cardiomyocytes and Gut
Interstitial Cells of Cajal after Co-
culture. 14th Annual Hilton Head
Workshop, “Regenerative Medicine:
Advancing to Next Generation Therapies”,
Sea Pines Resort, March 10-14. 2010.
7. Alena Nikolskaya, Vinod Sharma.
Modulating Cellular Electrophysiology
with Exogenous Ion Channel Expression
Can Trigger Unexpected Cellular
Remodeling. 12th Annual Meeting of
American Society of Gene Therapy, May
27-30, 2009, San Diego, California, USA.
8. Xiaohong Qiu, Alena Nikolskaya,
Daniel Sigg, Sharma Vinod. AAV1 Mediated
Gene Transfer in Cells of Cardiac
Origin. 12th Annual Meeting of American
Society of Gene Therapy, May 27-30,
2009, San Diego, California, USA.
9. Yong-Fu Xiao; Alena Nikolskaya;
Lepeng Zeng; Xiaohong Qiu; Deborah A.
Jaye; Vinod Sharma; Daniel C. Sigg :
Optimal Dose of Adv-hHCN4 Creates Stable
and Long-lasting Biopacing Activity in
Cultured Ventricular Cardiomyocytes. AHA
Scientific Sessions 2008, Circulation,
2008, 118:S_92.
10. Alena Nikolskaya, Vladimir
Nikolski, Igor Efimov. Gene printer:
Laser-scanning targeted transfection of
cultured cardiac neonatal rat cells. AHA
Scientific Sessions 2005, Dallas, Texas,
Circulation, 2005, 112(17): II-9.

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