Software Architect Sr. Manager - Computer Software Programming Resume
Software Architect  Sr. Manager - Computer Software Programming Resume
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Software Architect/ Sr. Manager Resume

Desired Industry: Computer Software/Programming SpiderID: 12544
Desired Job Location: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania Date Posted: 5/1/2007
Type of Position: Full-Time Permanent Availability Date: 12/03/2008
Desired Wage:
U.S. Work Authorization: Yes
Job Level: Management (Manager, Director) Willing to Travel: Yes, 25-50%
Highest Degree Attained: Masters Willing to Relocate: Yes

Result oriented professional with a unique combination of system analysis, software architecture, and leadership experiences in global technology driven industry. Possess an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies in addition to their commercial applications. Extensive involvement providing strategic solutions to multinational clients. Demonstrated ability to communicate among teams as well as customer to an extend of promoting products/services. Success planning besides directing activities that delivers innovative information technology, telecommunication, and customer service solutions.

· System analysis and design
· Software engineering principles
· Enterprise software architecture
· Embedded and real-time systems
· Network protocols
· Risk management and Quality assurance
· Software configuration management
· Customer relationship management (CRM)
· Team building and Engineering management
· Business intelligence and Project planning

==> Sortes Technologies Inc., Brampton, ON. ICG, Newport News, VA. (06/06–Present)
Software Architect – Sr. Manager

* Architect software services based solution to integrate Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) and Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) auto-configuration, messaging, and authentication within existing enterprise infrastructure.
* Architect interfaces to accomplish custom codec facility within SOA framework including startup and initialization sequence.
* Design and develop event driven synchronization between various components (or services) to accomplish real-time information integration within service oriented content management infrastructure.
* Establish research and development (R & D) approach to architect and categorize innovative real-time enterprise software product artifacts.
* Derive agile development methodology, metrics, and roadmap to develop as well as timely deliver new product.
* Participated in risk management process to introduce novel product for the specific target market.
* Develop research publications, recommendations and analysis for potential customers, and prospects on product architecture, performance, and scalability.
-> Platform: Intel’s ARM920T, TMS 320C64xx DSP, Xilinx Virtex FPGA, Ethernet, MPLS, Windows XP, Montavista Linux Suite, UML, Visio, Microsoft Project Plan, BEA Weblogic, CVS, IAR Workbench, CodeComposer 3.1, J2EE, C, C++, PHP, MySQL, Apache.

==> Ian Martin Pvt. Ltd., Brampton, ON. Nortel Networks. (08/05–06/06)
Consultant - Lead Software Architect/ Product Development - Project Management

* Identify software artifacts and requirements management to architect Provider Backbone Transport (PBT) to the Nortel's enterprise software PSP product infrastructure.
* Integrate SOA based real-time content management.
* Validation rule software architecture framework and database design to the trunk provisioning facility of PBT configuration.
* Algorithm specification to Point-to-Multipoint (P2M) and Any-to-Any (A2A) service provision from the Topology view of enterprise network.
* Architect and develop interfaces of auto-discovery modules.
* Architect automated test tool capabilities to deliver configuration and primary image files for the devices allocated to the Network Elements at remote customer locations.
-> Platform: Visual Paradigm UML, OpenWorkbench, CVS, JBuilder, Objectstore database, Java, C/C++, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Apache.

==> Global Symphony Software, Palo Alto, CA. Information Resources, Inc. (12/03–07/05)
Lead Software Architect (M4) – Project Manager

* Research and development to establish model driven architecture (MDA) based real-time enterprise information integration (REI).
* Identify requirements to accomplish process transformation for agent based workflow.
* Develop process execution engine element of REI simulation exploring impact of various software design patterns in real-time.
* Use cases and data flow diagrams to establish layered based event driven enterprise software architecture framework pertaining to data mining product intended for CPGN retail industry during point-of-sale (POS).
* SOA to achieve affective web enabled enterprise content management framework and web services.
* Software product development strategy specification document and classification to accomplish apposite project plan.
* Distinguish requirements and implementation to enhance scalability, performance, and reliability (SPR) capabilities of data engine.
-> Platform: Intel’s Itanium, HP_UX, RUP, Requisite-Pro, Clearcase, POSIX Multithreading, C/C++, MS-Project 2002, XML, J2EE, GME, PHP, MySQL, Apache, BEA Weblogic, Savvion Process Modeler/ Business Manager.

==> Samsung ISO, Bangalore, IND. Galaxy – Enterprise Ethernet Switch/Router. (02/03–12/03)
Project Leader (LE-III)

* Lead data-plane application components architecture team.
* Design, develop, and review layer 2 and 3 features.
* Illustrate execution model of reconfiguration manager between different network planes.
* Identify software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies/strategies.
* Incorporate CMMI level 4 and 5 to system software group. Metrics collection and risk tracking.
-> Platform: IXP1200/IXP2400, MPC8240, Gigabit Ethernet, TCP/IP, MPLS, Linux, Windows NT, UML, Clearcase, Teja NP Design tool, MS Project 2000, PowerPoint, C/C++, J2EE.

==> ICSS Inc. - Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR. Intel Architecture Lab. (09/01–01/03)
Lead Software Architect – System Analyst

* Model driven architecture (MDA) of platform independent back-plane communication.
* Research to identify strategies of multi-processor communication through fast ethernet and PCI Bridge.
* Intricate architectural specification document with sequence and collaboration diagrams.
* Design and development of user interfaces in terms of resource adaptor.
-> Platform: IXP1200, i21555 PCI Bridge, i82557 Fast Ethernet, Pentium III, Linux, VxWorks, Windows 2000, Tornado, CVS, C/C++, J2EE – EJB.

-> Master of Science - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Computer Science Worcester, MA, USA - (1996 - 1998)
-> Bachelor of Engineering - University Of Bombay
Computer Engineering, Bombay, India - (1991 - 1995)

==> Publications

-> Service Oriented Real-Time Enterprise Content Management – In Association with Business Process Integration, International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems 2007, June 2007.
-> Managing Density of Requirements during ION Product Development, IEEE – International Engineering Management Conference 2005, Sept 2005
-> Process Management during Real-time Enterprise Information Integration, International Association for Management of Technology 2005, May 2005
-> Model Driven Architecture Based REI - An approach and impact on businesses, International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems 2005, May 2005
-> Essential Characteristics of Process Transformation in REI, Information Resources Management Association 2005, Apr 2005
-> Real-Time Enterprises Development Features with Anticipation of Information Change: Preliminary Findings, IFIP 8.2 Organizations and Society in Information Systems 2004, Dec 2004
-> Dynamic Behavior of Micro-architecture Based Network Processor’s Data Plane Feature Components, International Conference on Information Networking 2004, Feb 2004
-> Layered Architecture Based Embedded System Software Development of Network Processor’s Feature Applications, ACM Winter International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies 2004, Jan 2004

==> IT Certification & Training

-> KPMG: Capability Maturity Model Level 5.
-> Wind River System: VxWorks, Tornado, and BSP packages.
-> Rational: Rose Model (RM) and Unified Modeling Language (UML).
-> Sycamore Network: SN6000, SN8000, SN16000, DWDM - OC48, OC192.

==> Software
-> Programming Languages: C, C++, J2EE – EJB, C# .Net, IXP Microcode.
-> Query/Scripting: XML, PHP, CGI, JavaScript, HTML, Perl, Shell script.
-> GUI: Powerbuilder4.0. Visual Basic4.0. Visual C++ 5.0, Visual Studio, Borland-JBuilder.
-> Enterprise Architecture: Zachman, GERAM, PERA, TOGAF, and CIMOSA.
-> Project Management: MS Project 2002, SmartWorks PE 2.0, Open Workbench 1.1, Savvion Business Manager, MS-Office, Visio, Frame Maker.
==> Methodologies / Tools
-> UML, RUP, BEA Weblogic 10.1, NetBeans 6.1, Visual Paradigm, Mono 2.0 Compiler, Generic Modeling Environment (GME), Siebel, Apache, Spring, UniServe, e107 CMS, Requisite-Pro, Clearquest, Clearcase, CVS, Visual Source Safe, Tornado, POSIX, Teja NP Design, CodeComposer 3.1, IAR Workbench, IXP Microcode Workbench.
==> Databases
-> SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite3, PostgreSQL, DBASEIII+, FoxPro, ORACLE8.0.
==> Operating Systems
-> UNIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows95, Windows NT, VxWorks, Chorus, Linux.
==> Network Protocols
-> TCP/IP, IPv6, MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network)/ OLSR, ATM, SS7, Ethernet, SPI4, VLAN 802.1Q, 802.1ah, T1/ E1, IGMP-Snooping, TFTP, MPLS, OSPF Routing, DiffServ, SNMP/MIBs, Wideband-CDMA, 802.11g WLAN. H.323, MeGaCo (H.248), RTCP XR, Q2940, Q2931, VoCoders. SONET/SDH, Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI).
==> Embedded Systems
-> IXP1200, IXP2400/IXP2800, ARM920T, MPC8260/MPC860, MPC8240, OC12/OC3/DS3 boards, AM29K flash memory, PMC Sierra QJET, Lucent ATM Port Controller, Lucent ALM/ABM/ASX chip set, UTOPIA level III devices, i21555 PCI Bridge, VMEVMI reflective memory, Xilinx Virtex FPGA, TMS320C64xx DSP, ADSP-BF537.

Additional Information:
==> Sr. Software Engineer – Consultant (08/99–08/01)

-> Tachion Networks. West Long Branch, NJ. Central Office Switch. (02/0–08/01)
Sr. Software Engineer

* Architect interfaces to signaling layer protocols of MPC8260 SAR.
* Incorporate ATM-label switch routing (LSR) and MPLS standards.
* Include OSPF libraries and multicasting features.
* Derive clustering mechanism.
Platform: MPC8260, Lucent APC, VxWorks, Windows NT, Solaris, Trillium Device Driver, Visual Studio, Tornado, Clearcase, C/C++, Java.

-> Dot4, Inc. Westford, MA. Virtual Telecommunication Switch. (09/00–02/01)
Software Engineer

* Requirements gathering and customer communication.
* Design event driven simulation model.
* Enhance study of ODSI.
* Develop web based application to establish training sessions.
Platform: Linux, VxWorks, Perl, XML, SQL, Perforce, C/C++, Java.

-> S-Link Corp. Mt.Laurel, NJ. Media Gateway/PBX. (02/00–08/00)
Software Engineer

* Define CMM level 2 and 3 formal software processes.
* Use cases and sequence diagram to integrate ATM soft switch modules.
* Parse Trillium Q93B protocol stack.
* Design and develop digit analysis algorithm for MeGaCo software.
Platform: Linux, pSOS, Windows NT, Clearcase, Visual Studio, H.248, Q93B, C/C++, Java.

-> AJILON - Lucent Technologies, Mt.Olive, NJ. (08/99-01/00)
WCDMA Infrastructure - NTT DoCoMo.
System Analyst

* Design synchronization scheme to start/restart process of radio network controller (RNC).
* Performance analysis of the buffer management technique by the surface of ATM traffic engineering (QoS).
* Identify software artifacts and integration strategy at the base station.
Platform: ATM, VMIVME, MPC860, DSP, VxWorks, Solaris, Q2940, UML, C/C++, Sablime.

==> Fujitsu Nexion, Acton, MA. ATM Cell Switch. (05/98–07/99)
Software Engineer

* Develop switch fabric booter.
* Design test plans for cell-flow within the ATM-cell switch infrastructure.
* Integrate diagnostic components and kernel considering multi-tasking/threading capabilities.
* Performance modeling.
-> Platform: AM29K Flash, VxWorks, CHORUS, Solaris, Tcl/Tk, C/C++, GNU, Clearcase, Frame Maker.

==> Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA (08/96–05/98)
Teaching/Research Assistant

* Assist undergraduate students to improve programming proficiency and proposals to improve quality of engineering courses.
* Enhance study of ATM-Network and ATM-LAN Emulation.
* Identify strategies for changing priorities of events at run-time to increase predictability of any active and real-time database systems (ARTDBS).
* Evaluate effectiveness of algorithms developing simulation model by exploiting parameters recognized in OBJECTIVE-benchmark intended for REACH (Texas Instruments).
-> Platform: UNIX, C++, Visual Basic4.0, SQL.

==> Tata Consultancy Services, Bombay, India (12/95–08/96)
Assistant System Analyst

-> Positive Train Separation (GE-Harris). Design and implement shared memory management module. Develop client/server model using rational rose. Software re-engineering.
Platform: VxWorks, QNX, Solaris, C/C++, Rational Rose (UML), POSIX threads.
-> AnilKumar Kamdar & Co., Bombay, India. Requirements gathering and analysis to develop brokerage system for supply-chain industry classifying transactions into domestic/international market. Product testing along with documentation in favor of final release to customer.
Platform: PowerBuilder 4.0, Visual Basic, SQL.

==> S.A.M.E.E.R. Bombay, India. Applied Microwave Research (Gov. of India) (06/94–05/95)
Trainee Engineer

* Theoretical analysis of multilayer perceptrons (MLPs) offered by neural network, trained with various learning algorithms.
* Design and develop “time series prediction using neural network.”
* Experimental evaluation of diverse patterns pertaining to signal processing unit.
-> Platform: Solaris, C, Back propagation algorithm.

==> Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Bombay, India. (01/95-04/95)
Undergraduate Student

* Lead a team to analyze practical problems during design and development phases of LAN in university environment.
* CSMA/CD simulation model to evaluate performance of potential LAN.
-> Platform: Windows3.1, Turbo C++, PC x386.

Available upon request.

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