Software Programmer Web Developer job Madison Wisconsin
Software Programmer   Web Developer job Madison Wisconsin
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Software Programmer / Web Developer Job

Employer Name: Invention Creation & Design Corporation SpiderID: 13281936
Location: Madison, Wisconsin Date Posted: 3/10/2023
Wage: Category: Computer Software/Programming
Number Of Openings: 1

Job Description:

• Patent Sales Representative •
• Office Administrator / Bookkeeper •
• Mechanical Engineer •
• Software Programmer / Web Developer •
• Product & Patent Researcher •


The Software Programmer / Web Developer, hereinafter referred to as, “Programmer,” shall write software programs for several new invention applications, as well as, design and develop interactive web pages, websites for the company, for company products and projects. The Programmer should have comprehensive knowledge of set-up, configuration, and troubleshooting computer hardware; and the ability to assist co-contractors and customers with IT questions and computer issues. The Programmer should also have good communication skills and the ability to relay information and instruction to others; as well as the ability to adhere to projected timelines.

Experience: The Programmer should have experience in writing software programs and applications, developing interactive web pages, website design; and assisting co-workers and customers with IT, hardware, and other computer issues. The Programmer must be able to meet Provisional (PPA) and Non-Provisional (NPA) Patent Application requirements and specifications, primarily pertaining to software programs and applications; as well as USPTO requests, timelines, and deadlines.


The Product & Patent Researcher, hereinafter referred to as the, "Researcher," should have extensive experience and skill in on-line searches. The Researcher also begins the patent process by completing thorough on-line searches, and in certain cases, brick and mortar searches to ensure that each of our inventions do not already exist.

Experience: The Researcher should have good communication skills, experience and skill in online product, patent and patent application searches. The Researcher should also be familiar with and capable of completing and submitting Patent Applications, both PPA and NPA to the USPTO.


The Patent Sales Representative, hereinafter referred to as, “Sales Rep,” should have good communication skills, will be contacting purchasing agents and other key personnel from companies in the same industries as our inventions, and will be making offers to sell or license the patent rights to each invention. The team will discuss and set the initial parameters for the sale or licensing of each invention, and the Sales Rep will attempt to stay within those parameters when making his or her initial offerings. However, if after several attempts of offering the initial parameters the Sales Rep feels said parameters may need adjusting, the Sales Rep may present his or her findings to the team for further discussion and proposed adjustments to the initial sales and/or licensing parameters. Once the team is in agreement, the Sales Rep may then use the secondary parameters for said invention to assist the Sales Rep in sealing the deal.

There are numerous Invention Marketing Companies (IMC) clamoring for inventions to promote, and there maybe a few we might consider working with; however, this too would be another final decision for the team. The other exciting part of this endeavor, is that the team has a voice in everything we do, and will be involved in the entire process for all 27 categories of inventions and industries. The inventor herein has organized all of its inventions into 27 categories ranging from Apparel to Automotive Aftermarket, Consumer Electronics, Housewares, Sporting Goods to Table Games, and So Much More… this endeavor and its overall variety is beyond exciting!

Experience: The Sales Rep should have experience in sales, preferably working with large companies, corporations, purchasing agents, and the like. Once we file a PPA, the Sales Rep will have 12-months to either sell or license the patent rights for each invention. Prior to the 12-month expiration, our next step would be to file a NPA for certain inventions. The Sales Rep should also work well with timelines and deadlines, e.g., 12-month deadlines; as well as the ability to maintain business relationships.


The Office Administrator / Bookkeeper, hereinafter referred to as, “Admin,” shall be responsible for all of the company’s records, accounting, income tax filings, the IRS, and dealing with aspects relating to the same.

The Admin will be responsible for completing all verbiage and text portions of each patent application, excluding that from the Engineer, e.g., drawings, diagrams and schematics. As well as overseeing the timelines and deadlines for each invention and pursued project, including, but not limited too: target and filing dates for all patent applications, the issuer, patent pending dates, patent maintenance fees owed by our company or the company that has purchased or licensed the patent rights for each invention, and aspects relating to the same.

The Admin should have good communication skills, is current and “all knowing” with all aspects of the company’s projects and progress. Whenever someone requests an update or status report on the same, the Admin has that information or can obtain it. Each contractor herein shall submit a weekly, one page Status Report to the Admin in an attempt to adhere to our timelines, and to keep everyone current on the same.

Experience: The Admin should have experience in bookkeeping, accounting, income tax reports, maintaining timelines, submitting accurate records and reports in a timely manner, and office management. As well as the ability to type 60-wpm, complete the text portions of patent applications (PPA and NPA), e.g., abstracts, descriptions, etc.


The Mechanical Engineer, hereinafter referred to as, “Engineer,” shall be responsible for all artwork, drawings, diagrams, and schematics that meet patent application requirements and specifications. As well as, communicating with patent application firms to insure they meet the same patent application requirements and specifications.

The Engineer should be able to communication with and supply requested information, additional drawings, and answer any question from the USPTO and/or patent firms that we may be working with. That all drawings, diagrams, schematics, etc. filed with each PPA (Provisional Patent Application) also meet the requirements and specifications to transition from a PPA to a NPA (Non-Provisional Patent Application) without default.

Experience: The Engineer should have CAD, SolidWorks, and mechanical drafting experience. Must be able to meet Provisional (PPA) and Non-Provisional (NPA) Patent Application requirements and specifications. Maintaining projected timelines; adhering to company and patent deadlines; as well as USPTO requests and deadlines.


1.) If the Researcher finds on-line or elsewhere that our invention already exists via a product, patent, or patent application, or finds a similar product that may prevent us from patenting our invention; s/he will forward copies of the existing product(s) and all related prior art* to each contractor for discussion during our next video conference.

2a.) If our team determines that an existing product(s) may prevent us from patenting our invention, we then have the following options and/or other courses of action:

2b.) Determine whether there is a particular portion, part, or other aspect of our invention that may be patented separately from the whole invention.

2c.) We submit our invention as a whole and any particular portion(s) to a third party Patenting Firm for their opinion on our patent possibilities. After receiving said third party’s opinion on our patent possibilities for said invention, and further discussion of the same during our next video conference, we will proceed accordingly.

2d.) If the team determines that an existing product(s) will most likely prevent our invention from being patented, the Researcher will file our invention and any particular portion(s) in our “non-patentable” file for another look and/or possible secondary use at a later date. At this point, the Researcher will proceed to the next invention or project on our “to do” list. S/he will continue the process by completing a thorough, on-line search of our next invention to determine whether or not it already exists.

3a.) If the Researcher is unable to find an invention of ours, or a product similar to our invention through on-line searches, including patent and patent applications, or in any brick and mortar stores, s/he may make the determination that our invention does not already exist. At this point, the Researcher will forward copies of, and all related prior art* to each contractor for further discussion during our next video conference.

3b.) If the team determines and is in agreement that said Prior Art* should Not Prevent an invention of ours from being patented, each team member will then begin working on their respective responsibilities for the invention and/or patent application.

4.) During the product and patent search process, any product(s) found that are similar too or relate too our invention (in any manner), is considered Prior Art:* information or documentation that is already in the public domain, known or available to the public. Prior Art consists of published information that describes an invention, including, but not limited too: U.S. patents, foreign patents, published patent applications, manuals, catalogs, books, conference proceedings, websites, databases, magazine or journal articles, scientific papers, other disclosures, etc.

Job Requirements:

• Presentation and Discussion of the Top 30 inventions, projects, notes, and sketches.
• Discussion and Decision on which inventions to pursue, and the order of pursuit.
• Complete the patent and prior art searches for each invention and project.
• Developing patentable inventions, and improvements for certain existing products.
• Finalize the design and development of each new invention or project.
• File for IP protection and/or submit provisional patent applications for each.
• Complete the sale or licensing of each project, and patent rights for each invention.
• To keep everyone up-to-date and current with each on-going project, each contractor
shall submit a bi-monthly, one page “Status Report” to the Admin to whom will
maintain our timelines; and for review during each bi-monthly video conference.
*Work from Home. Once all five contractors are on board, the team will conduct
weekly video conferences. Every other week to introduce the next invention to
pursue, and every other week for an update on the current invention in pursuit.
In-person staff meetings will be discussed, agreed upon, and scheduled if and when
needed; location of the same TBD. At some point in the future, when appropriate, a
company headquarters may also be discussed by the team, and if agreed upon, a
centrally located address may be designated by the team for our headquarters.
The team will also discuss and make decisions on other pertinent issues, such as:
• Timelines for each project and for each task within the project, e.g., drawings, text.
• Sale and licensing parameters for the patent rights of each invention or project.
• The hiring of third party firms for patent searches and/or application submissions.
• The hiring of additional part-time and/or full-time personnel.
• Determine which, if any, inventions to maintain the patent rights ourselves / in-house
by submitting a Non-Provisional Patent Application (NPA) prior to the 12-month
expiration date of the Provisional Patent Application (PPA).


The Inventor has dozens of novel and patentable inventions, consisting of at least one invention in each of its 27 categories (attached herein), along with other Internet projects. The inventor intends to kick things off by introducing his top 30 inventions along with the correlating industries of each. Although this too will be discussed by the team, the inventor is of the opinion that the Sales Rep should have the final say on which inventions the team should pursue first. The reasoning behind this will be discussed in more detail at the appropriate time; however, in short it is the Sales Rep’s knowledge, familiarity, experience, and/or possible contacts (purchasing agents and key personnel) within certain industries that may give the team some early successes.

Through bi-monthly video conferences, the inventor will present and explain each new invention or internet project to all five contractors, and will open the floor to Q&A discussions, comments and suggestions. While working from home, each independent contractor will be responsible for specific tasks and duties for each invention and/or Internet project in accordance with their respective job descriptions.

As this is a team effort to complete each project, from time to time contractors may be asked to assist other contractors in completing certain tasks or projects. If the same assistance is required on multiple projects, the team will decide whether the contractor’s job responsibilities need to be adjusted to meet the needs of the entire team. If it is determined that additional manpower is needed in certain areas, whether full-time or part-time, the team will decide on the best plan of action. For their efforts, the inventor is offering an equal percentage of the sale or licensing gross revenue, and a percentage of the net profit from each invention or Internet project to which the contractor completes its portion of the work. As a separate attachment, the Inventor has also drafted a Tentative Schedule for March, April and May, 2023.


Abbreviation - Brief Description of each Category:

4WHOLE - Products Manufactured for Wholesale Only
APPARL - Apparel & Accessories
ATVOFF - ATV, Off-Road, Motorcycles & Power Sports
AUTOAM - Automotive After-Market Products
CRELEC - Consumer Electronics, Appliances & Accessories
EBUSOP - Improvements for - Existing Business Opportunities
ENERGY - Energy Related - Renewable, Info & Products
FURNIT - Furniture & Accessories
HLTH&B - Health & Beauty Products
HOUSEK - Household Goods & Housewares for the Kitchen
HOUSEN - Household Goods for Non-Kitchen Products &
Office: Wares, Equip. & Accessories
INHOUS - ICDC Website for In-House Products Only
JUVENL - Juvenile & Infant Products & Toys
LAWN&G - Lawn & Garden, and Other Outdoor Products
MEDEOP - Medical, Dental & Optical Products
MISCEL - Miscellaneous Products
NBUSOP - New Business Opportunities
PET&AN - Pet & Animal Products
PLUM&H - Plumbing & Heating Products
PRBONO - Pro-Bono Opportunities
REALES - Real Estate - Property Related including Waterfront
SPORTG - Sporting Goods, including Hunting & Fishing Products
TGAMES - Table Games - Board Games, Card & Dice Games, etc.;
Except for DTH Games
TGDTHN - Table Game - DTHN (Non-Swivel) - 1st Edition
Apparatus & Multiple Games
TGDTHS - Table Game - DTHS (Swivel) - 2nd Edition
Apparatus & Multiple Games
TOOLSH - Tools & Hardware Products
WRITEN - Written Ideas for: Books, Movie Scripts, Blogs, etc.;
Except for Website Designs


• Work from Home.*
• Weekly Team Video Conference.
• In-Person Team Meetings - as needed.
• Each Contractor will have specific responsibilities for each invention.
• Work Completion Timelines shall be agreed upon by the Team for each invention.
• Our Goal will be to submit 1 - 2 Provisional Patent Applications (PPA) each month.

Independent Contractors herein shall be referred to as,
“Contractor,” or collectively as, “the Team.”


Each Contractor working from home and communicating electronically, shall earn an equal percentage of the gross revenue from the sale or licensing of the patent rights for each invention or project to which the contractor completes its portion of the work.

On a monthly basis: Each contractor will receive his or her percentage of the gross revenue for said invention or project that is received during the previous month. Said monthly distributions will continue until all revenue for said invention or project has been received, even if said contractor is no longer with the team. In other words, once said contractors have been assigned to a project or invention and each has completed their respective work, those contractors will continue receiving their percentage of the gross revenue for that invention or project until all gross revenue has been received.

In the event, a contractor passes away: His or her percentage of said gross revenue shall be distributed to a designated beneficiary, provided the contractor has completed and submitted a “designated beneficiary” consent form. Each contractor will also have a “change of designated beneficiary” consent form, to be completed and submitted in the event the contractor wishes to change his or her “designated beneficiary” on file.


Each Contractor shall also earn an equal percentage of the Net Profit from each invention or project to which the contractor completes its portion of the work. Whether the Net Profit is from the sale or licensing of an invention, a manuscript or a book, an internet product, or advertisements from an internet application, web page, podcast, etc. Each contractor will receive his or her percentage of said Net Profit even if said contractor is no longer part of the team. All earned percentages remain in effect until the final net profit for said invention or project has been accounted for, calculated and distributed. Each contractor that completes his or her portion of the work is entitled to his or her percentage of the net profit from said invention and/or project.

As in the Income section herein: In the event a contractor passes away, his or her percentage of said net profit, shall also be distributed to their designated beneficiary.

To request a video interview, please complete and submit the following:

• Your Contact Information:
• The Position or Positions you are applying for:
• Your Education Level:
• Your Experience as it relates to each position you are applying for:
• What Compelled You to apply for said position(s):
• Why you feel you are a Viable Candidate for said position(s):

Please submit the above information, resume and/or application:
BY: March 27, 2023

Job Criteria:
Start Date: April 18, 2023
Position Type: Contractor
Years of Experience Required: 2
Education Required: Other
Overnight Travel: None
Vacation Time: Negotiable / Other

Job Benefits:
Paid Holidays, Vacations, and Sick Leave, Flex Time, Casual Dress, Other Benefits

Company Profile:
Creating New and Improved Products; Design, Development, 3D Printing, Prototyping, Patenting, Sales & Licensing of Patent Pending & Patent Rights for New Inventions. ICDC also intends to provide assistance and full service programs to other inventors, as well as an exclusive website to showcase their inventions alongside all ICDC inventions.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: KD BERG Company Type: Employer
Company: Invention Creation & Design Corporation
State: Wisconsin
Zip: 53533

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